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How to drink coconut water to get the most benefits?

Normally, if the body can benefit fully. Coconut water should be drunk on an empty stomach, drink in the evening or before bedtime. Because it will help the trophic factor and amino acids nourish the body cells well during sleep. And it also helps to sleep better. But because

Can we really use “green tea” to treat acne?

Green tea that we are familiar with contains natural plant compounds called catechins. Which are like antibiotics to help fight inflammation anti free radicals. With antibacterial and how to treat acne on our face. One 2017 study found that another compound in green tea, polyphenols, could help prevent

Cause of depression.

Depression is a disease caused by many factors. Overall, it is psychological, parenting, and environmental factors that make oneself more likely to view themselves negatively. Childhood may be abandoned or using violence Or is there a psychological distance between the patient and the parents? Or have raised a child that

How to drink coffee to benefit no harm to the body?

The “caffeine” in coffee has both advantages and disadvantages. Of course, drinking too much. May interfere with sleep at night. This includes “caffeine addiction” that can cause headaches, tremors, and other side effects. When you can’t have coffee. But drinking coffee in the right way and in the right amount. May allow