Rio Ferdinand suggests ETH should communicate more with ‘Ronaldo’

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Rio Ferdinand, the legendary Manchester United defender, thinks Erik ten Hag should take a special approach against Cristiano Ronaldo, saying that if he were to communicate. with more superstar shooting stars

last wednesday During the game against Tottenham, the 37-year-old was criticized for refusing to play. And left the field before the teammates finished

the next day, “Red Devils” issued a statement punishing Ronaldo. By cutting his name from the team in the game against Chelsea

after Ronaldo posted Message on IG admits that he did it because of a sudden temper. And confirms that he has always respected the club.

Prior to the game against “Sing the Blues” Ferdinand, who serves as a guru on UFABET , looked at the situation of his former Ballon d’Or five-winning teammate. when

“If I were a player, I wouldn’t be happy with the way Ten Hag handled

things,” Ronaldo said in a statement. and as a human being to be emotionally involved with something “

If I were Ten Hag, I would have handled it differently, I would queue up to ask Ronaldo what he did and why he did it.

” There is always another side to every story. Maybe the team communication wasn’t as clear as Ronaldo would like

. “

Like it or not, he is Ronaldo, who is possibly the best footballer of all time with Messi.

“This is probably the first time in Ronaldo’s life that the manager and his club.

I’m not saying Ronaldo did the right thing, in his statement it was written the same way . But maybe there are some players who are special. and treated differently.”

“It is also important for the rest of the team. To see that there is communication with Ronaldo. “

Ronaldo is 37 years old, now he may need more communication than before. So that the body and mind are ready

United, without Ronaldo, drew 1-1 with Chelsea, while the man who calls himself ‘The King’ will return to first-team training on Monday . To prepare for the Europa League midweek match against Sheriff