Klopp admits he didn’t know how Liverpool lost to Forest

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has admitted that He was unable to find a reason to explain why the team’s recent defeat by Nottingham Forest in the Premier League on Saturday night, according to Football365.

The Reds are in good form as they have won. Their last two games against Manchester City and West Ham United, but were hit with a free-kick from the Rangers. lost 1-0

After the game, Klopp gave an interview to UFABET , admitting that he didn’t know how Liverpool lost the game despite being able to hold more possession and having many chances to inform.

“If it’s about performance, I can explain. But if it’s about the results of the competition I don’t know either. honestly I’ve never seen a game where one team has four or five chances from a set piece where it has to be a goal. But their defensive game is very well prepare. We need to finish better.”

“The goal lost was a major mistake of our own. We lost the ball and gave them a free-kick and it was with a free-kick. and all the opportunities they have are from us.”

“We had to change at the end of the game and it was going to be a huge change. which is a game where you want to win Doing the right thing over and over again but we can’t. That’s why we stayed here and lost this game,” said Klopp.