‘Howard’ Ting Kepa should save the header, Kaze

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Former USA goalkeeper Tim Howard thinks Kepa Arrizabalaga Should save the late game’s header Casemiro has

Chelsea almost grabbed 3 points from the “Red Devils” after Jorginho killed a penalty at the end of the game. Made the team 1-0 up

That chance was won when United’s Scott McTominay was caught with both hands around Chelsea substitute Armando Broja in the box, who fell to the ground during a corner kick.

But Howard didn’t agree with referee Stuart Atwell’s decision to point to the penalty spot, which briefly threatened a fruitless evening for Erik ten Hag’s side. the UFABET reports

, but then in the 90+4 minute of the match Luke Shaw crossed the ball for Casemiro to head the ball from the far post, which Kepa tried to round but the ball. Hit the post and cross the line to become a goal

. Howard said of this moment:

“Credit to Casemino. It was a nice little header,

but I have to say that Kepa had his hand full of the ball, he should have made a save.

‘I didn’t love the fact that I thought Broja threw himself to the floor, that was obvious from the pictures. So the fact that McTominay had his arms around him didn’t actually send Broja to the floor.

“He should have brushed it off the pole. That would be a very good save and a difficult decision.”