How to play fish shooting game ?

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As you know, fish shooting game are available in many formats. Which will be distributed according to the general online gambling website. By the way to play this game in each web. Will have a similar playing style Or if they are only slightly different, let’s get to know how to play the basic fish shooting game together. UFABET

1. How to place a bet

Let’s start by explaining how to bet first. The first thing you have to choose is the playing position and start placing bets By pressing the plus and minus symbols on the gun area, press plus to increase the bet amount. or subtract to reduce the bet amount The bet amount is the number of bullets when fired. The minimum and maximum bet amount It depends on the website of each service provider.

2. How to choose a gun

The next thing you need to know when playing fish shooting games. Is how to choose a gun which is considered an important element in the game. There are mainly 2 types of guns in fish shooting games, normal ammunition guns and electric guns. Which have different usage patterns. depending on the situation in the game Players can change guns by pressing the gun 1 time by a normal gun. Suitable for shooting many fish. Because it can be fired scattered. And can shoot quickly and frequently The electric gun is suitable for shooting a single fish because it can shoot violently. The gun use to shoot bosses is therefore recommended as an electric gun.

3. How to shoot fish

The next thing to know and understand To play fish shooting game is how to successfully shoot fish in the game. The way to play in this section is not difficult at all. Just tap your finger on the screen where the fish you want to attack. If the bullets are fire together Press and hold the screen. At this point, you can successfully shoot the fish.

4. Method of calculating the rate of payment

The last method is the rate of payment. that all players need to know by the type of each fish Will get different credits. And each fish shooting game will give different credit scores for each fish as well. Some fish give a fixed rate. Some even give random payouts. Therefore, always study the credit of each fish before entering the field. For how to calculate the credit score payout in case of killing fish “Amount staked x payout ratio of fish handled = amount to be earned”.