De Bruyne not surprised as Arteta led Arsenal to title race

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Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne admits he is not surprise to see Mikel Arteta lead Arsenal to the top of the Premier League and their current title race. As reported by The UFABET report.

The boss previously served as Pep Guardiola’s right-hand man at the Etihad before leaving for Unai Emery at the Emirates Stadium. Are doing a great job as the team won 8 of the first 9 games of the season and ranks No. 1 in the table.

During his pre-match press conference, Manchester City will visit Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday. Reporters fired questions at Kevin De Bruyne if he was surprised by Arsenal’s performance this season as contenders for the title.

“No, I think I’ve seen a lot of things similar to what we did at City and that’s his style of work (Arteta). Like a good school to learn And obviously we had a wonderful time together. I saw development from the start of Arteta and three years later after leaving us.

“At the beginning he was in the midst of adjusting to a new role and we saw a lot of ambition and when the opportunity came he took it. It’s nice to see him have time at Arsenal because it’s very difficult to do that,” said De Bruyne.